PayPal in Pakistan available was a bug

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 27/04/2015)

Just a day before on April 26, 2015, Pakistani got happy when they saw the Pakistan name in the list of supported countries for PayPal.

Everyone get shocked that Pakistan is now available in Pakistan and some of the users have made their Pakistan PayPal accounts and successfully connected their UBL WIZ cards with their accounts.

But unfortunately, PayPal Pakistan is not available in the list of supported countries and the news has been confirmed by the PayPal as well.

Pakistan is not the only country where official support of PayPal is not available. Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and countries on the US economic sanction list are also not included in the list of countries supported for the PayPal.

However, be optimistic! The trend of online business in Pakistan is increasing day by day in Pakistan and in future Pakistan will be also the part of supported countries group of PayPal.

PayPal in Pakistan available was a bug

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