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You can find the numbers of recipes of different kinds of salads. They vary country to country according to their culture. All of the salads have their own benefits.  Russian Salad is basically traditional dish of the people of Russia. It is not only one of the famous dishes in Russia. But also now it became popular indifferent  countries  spicily  in  Asian and European countries.   Because of  its  high demand,  it  is  now included in menu. It is not costly dish you can even make it by your own at home easily.  Here is quite simple recipe of Russian salad you can put some variation if want so recipe is:


Salad Recipe Ingredients:

  • Potatoes = One quarter
  • Onion in Small size
  • Pint dark red pickled beets = one
  • Fresh apples = One cup
  • Chicken or veal = One cup
  • Eggs = 6
  • French mustard = One tablespoonful
  • Salt and pepper = One tea spoonful
  • Vinegar = Half cup

Russian Recipe Method:

First of all take one quarter boiled potatoes and cut them in dice.  Then take one chopped finely small onion. Now it’s time to cut one pint dark red pickled beets. You have to cut them in dice. Take one cup of fresh apples and cut them in very small dice. Either chicken or veal can be used in it, cut them also fine. Two herring that are soaked overnight and also remove its bones. Last step is to take three hard boiled eggs cut fine small.


For  dressing  take  one  bowl  and  beat  three  eggs  in  it  very  well.  Add  French  mustard  only  one tablespoonful in it.  Add one tea spoonful each of salt and pepper and two of salad oil. Mix all of the ingredients well.  Now add one half cup of best  vinegar. You can use plain vinegar  if  beets are no available. If you like carrots can also be added. Now it’s ready to eat enjoy it.

Russian Salad Recipe in Urdu by Zakir


Russian Salad in Recipe Urdu

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