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Telenor Offers EasyCard in Rs. 300 (Super Card)

After the trend has been introduced by Ufone for fixed monthly resources, Telenor has also jumped in the pool by introducing “Telenor EasyCard Offer”. Telenor subscribers can pay 250 Rupees 300 Rupees once and can relax for the whole month. Telenor EasyCard gives you Telenor to Telenor minutes, Telenor to other network minutes, 3G/2G internet and free SMS on any network in Pakistan. All you have to do is to pay 300 Rupees.

Update: Telenor has increased the price for Telenor EasyCard to 300 Rupees while they will give 20 Rupees balance with it as well. Previously Telenor EasyCard was offered for 250 Rupees.

Telenor EasyCard


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How to Subscribe Telenor EasyCard Offer?

There are two methods via which you can subscribe to Telenor EasyCard offer.

  • Via Scratch card

You have to buy Telenor EasyCard from your nearest shop and load the card. You will not get any balance but fixed monthly resources.

  • Via Easyload

This offer is available via Telenor Easyload as well. All you have to do is to ask the retailer to recharge Telenor EasyCard in your account and you will get your fixed monthly resources.

Free Monthly Resources Offered by Telenor EasyCard?

After you have subscribed to Telenor EasyCard offer, you will get the following fixed monthly resources.

  • 500 Telenor to Telenor (including Talkshawk and Djuice) and Telenor to PTCL and Vfone minutes
  • 50 minutes to any local mobile network in Pakistan
  • 500 SMS to any local mobile network in Pakistan
  • 500 MB mobile internet (2G/3G)

Who is Eligible for Telenor EasyCard?

All new, existing and MNP prepaid customers of Telenor Talkshawk and Djuice are eligible. Keep in mind that this offer is for prepaid customers only while postpaid customers cannot avail this offer.

Terms and Conditions

  • Customer will not get any balance via this offer but on recharge of 300 Rupees, the customer will get fixed monthly resources
  • Re-subscription of this offer is allowed and it will add previous remaining resources to the newly subscribed resrouces
  • The offer will be valid for 30 days from the date of subscription
  • Validity will be enhanced by 30 days upon re-subscription of the offer.
  • All resources within this offer are free of call set-up charges
  • Subscribers of this offer can still avail other Telenor offers at the same time
  • Free resources can be checked anytime by dialing *123#
  • Those Telenor prepaid subscribers who haven’t paid emergency loan will not be able to avail this offer

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  1. Bakwaas easy card. Other network easy card better then telenor

  2. Bakwas Telennor
    Best Offers is
    Hybrid offer
    on 100 rupees only

  3. It is suitable for Telenor to talenor as Family members and 50 minutes to other network I enough Guys what happened

  4. Mobile sa hum esycard nai laga sakty

  5. Not suitable. There is a need to increase minutes.


  7. Its not enough plese increase the minuts from telenor to telenor also not suitable the 500 sms for month..

  8. hahaha bakwas only 50min and 500 sms i thing its for only one day not for month

  9. new rates 350.

  10. ab 350 ho gya awr kal telenor network change to zong mihnga bi hota ja rha hy telenor awr signal bi km ho rhy hy

  11. Not good. I think I should switch my network to other network. Much expensive.

  12. Telenor to other network only 50 mintues ?

    and only 500 SMS is not he suitable !Atleast 1500 sms is required !!

  13. Facebook free hey?

  14. telenor is more expensive then others. not good

  15. Yr koi mint or Sms berhao Telenor walo sb compni siste py seste offer dy rehe hn or Telenor k sms pkg talkshak k bht he mehngy hn

  16. If i subscribe 1gb(weekly) data package , then load easy card , does my data mb becomes 1.5 gb and expiry limit is 1month or not ?

  17. ramzan shahid

    this offer is very good

  18. this is not engouh kindly increase the minutes and other facilities like warid play an important role for their customers. and introduced telenor 500 card 🙂

  19. i am office assistant i request from telenor that easy card price is 250 is right why ypu increase the customar is unhappy

  20. plz tell me telenor super load process.

  21. Is Telenor Easy Card available for Telenor Dijuice Customers????????

  22. This offer is really good. 🙂

    BTW, Does any one know what is RG70 Free volume? I got this as well in the easy card offer.

  23. Telenor super card must be 250 rupee. Not in 300 rupee.

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