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Telenor to shift its 30% phone towers on solar energy

(Last Updated On: 27/07/2015)

Pakistan’s telecommunication company Telenor has allocated 30 million for installing solar-run power systems at 5000 cellular sites across Pakistan and Bangladesh. They have given the contract of 30 million to a company for installing solar-run power supplies at the cellular sites of Telenor with in 3 years, 2800 cellular sites of Telenor would be deployed with solar energy across Pakistan while 2200 cellular sites would be upgraded with solar energy in Bangladesh.

The contractor company have demanded the course of three years to complete this project. According to company they are deployed to install solar energy power system at the base transceiver station (BTS) points of all 2800 assigned cellular sites across Pakistan within three years.  After the successful installation of the solar project, it will reduce the operational cost of Telenor by 25-30%.

BTS tower up grated with solar system will not only run by solar energy but also consume energy from other sources in parallel. However the solar energy system would reduce the energy utilization from other sources to great extent. Power distribution companies of Pakistan also have a project to install storage system at the solar-powered BTS towers, which will be greatly beneficial for the Telenor to expand its cellular coverage in the remote areas.

There are total 37,576 cellular sites all over the Pakistan covering 92% of the total land of Pakistan. Installation of solar-energy power system for cellular sites of Telenor in the areas of Chitral, Upper Dir, and Lower Dir is already in progress rewarded by the Universal Service Fund. The completion of the project would enhance the Telenor’s profit as compare to other cellular companies due to reduction of operational cost as well its coverage in remote areas.

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