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Top 10 Popular Hairstyles for guys in Pakistan

Written by Alison Johnson
(Last Updated On: 01/10/2015)

Pakistani boys have taken style far beyond the formerly latest Eastern tradition, with their creativity and also inventiveness, they’ve created several world famous styles which shows the most beautiful credibility in the field.

Listed below are the 9 most popular hair styles for men in Pakistan:

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1. Shaved Art

Shaved ArtThis style has got very popular among young Pakistanis, even though it is not loved by the elders. This particular style with a little beard makes them to attractive to deal with. In this hair style, hairs are usually shaved from the side or even middle, it all depends on how you find it far better.

2. Short Spike hairstyle

Short Spike hairstyleThis particular hair style has been lying among the top of the list from past many years. The style is simple as sides are smaller as compare to the middle. The hairs in the middle are glued with hair gel on the top, which gives amazing look and more importantly it’s some thing to be called as ‘pupil’s choice’.

3. Messy or rough look haircut

Messy or rough look haircutIt appears some thing went wrong or even might you have didn’t remember to hair comb but this is really a raising trend, getting famous by every passing day. The most amazing thing about this hair style is you don’t need to look again and again in the mirror to check out whether your hair style is fine or you require hair comb, it’s some thing simply amazing. This particular style is also commonly well-liked by Hollywood star Robin Pattinson as well as David Beckham.

4. Blown Back Suave

Blown Back SuaveThis is the most stylish and also loving hair style lying in the checklist. The hair style is usually well-liked by the ones having height more than 6 feet, although it has no height-restriction. The style can be known as ‘chocolaty’, as it increases cute looks.

5. Mohawk hairstyle

The style is easy as sides are usually kept short as well as top is long, either in upward direction or in messy technique. The style looks legendary and is very ideal with people having long facial features. It is usually observed that with this style hair pencils are kept thin.

6. Long spike hairstyle

Mohawk hairstyleThis particular style is a lot very similar to the usual spike haircut or even short spike, even though hairs on top are structured quite as long spikes which are also sharp at the edges. To set this particular hairstyle, huge amount of gel and also spray are needed. And if you’re going to have this particular hairstyle, be ready! for sure this will stun your family and friends.

7. Side-angle cut (one side)

Short-Mens-Hair-2014In this hairs are shaved from one part or even shortened and also off other side are kept long. The style is very lovable and is generally adopted by school or even college boys. The guys trying to blow up minds with some loving looks must have this particular hair style.

8. Classical hairstyles

Classical hairstylesIn Pakistan, this can be known as the ‘most liked hairstyle by the parents’. Numerous kids from their years as a child are simply told to obtain this particular hair style, even several seems sexy in it and are enchanting using their fatal seems.

9. Medium length hair with fringe

Medium length hair with fringeThe design is pretty popular among the starlets, because this makes them seem attractive and simple, together. In Pakistan, this particular hair style is used along with including much more imagination in it.

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