Video of Young models calling Meera ‘3310 of Industry’ has gone viral

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(Last Updated On: 22/11/2015)

Once the leading actress is facing the worst days of her life, no doubt she nailed it various times with her performances and looks. She is one of those Pakistani actresses of 21st Century, who tried to rock the Bollywood with her performances.

Some wonderful performances by Meera-Pakistan Film Industry

Whatever the scenario right now, however, you can’t erase the contributions of Meera in the Pakistan’s film industry. She has been participating in the modeling and ads back from her teenage. Sources also reveal that she was still in her teenage when she made her debut on the silver screens in 1995 with film Kanta, but she earned popularity with film Khilona in 1996.

Meera has starred in over 60 Pakistani films, out of which many were super hit just because of Meera’s brilliance. Films like Inteha, Khoye Ho Tum Kahaan, Khilona and Ghar Kb Aao gay were her most notable contributions on the board.

Bollywood Fever-Meera

She started in various recognized films but became notorious for bold scenes in her Bollywood-debut film Nazar.  Afterwards she starred alongside Lucky Ali in Kasak, which was critically and commercially flop, and roughly speaking many of the Pakistanis didn’t know about this Bollywood film. And then she took a long pause from Bollywood Industry, returned back with Paanch Ghantey Mein Paanch Crore, which was average on the board. Her last venture in Bollywood till the date is an item song ‘Lukkhe Bade Aate Hain’ in the film Bumper Draw, which failed to grab some attention.

Once famous, Now notorious- Meera

She was once the prominent and leading actress of the industry but then her brilliance get faded in front of her controversies. At first that controversies or scandals were believed to have happened inadvertently but sooner they became the routine of Meera. Now Meera is in the news but not as an actress but is in the media’s eye as a ‘Drama Queen’.

Her might contributions have fainted infront of her cheap publicity tactics, which people wanna get rid of.

In response, she’s not getting the response from the newcomers of the industry and nor even from the models which haven’t enjoyed the stardom as she has once enjoyed.

Is Meera ‘Drama Queen’ or people are just exaggerating about her?

A video of models making fun of Meera has gone viral

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