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21 Highly Dangerous Yet Beautiful Bridges in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 21/08/2016)

From the immense, dense forests to highest mountains, the world of our is full of highly dangerous places and bridges are considered to be one of the most dangerous places. Thanks to those who are making our life convenient by minimizing the gap between two edges. But what about those bridges that are not the hallmark of human invention. These are also being used to connect two mountains or areas, and the strange one is that these are not still in order. Here we are talking about the highly dangerous bridges in Pakistan.

Many reasons make these bridges in Pakistan very dangerous. Old construction, narrowness, poor material and many other factors make these bridges really dangerous. Still, in the 21st century where human beings have created beautiful and safe bridges, there are still dangerous bridges in Pakistan.

So, check out the list and decide at your own whether these are dangerous or not.

  1. Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Upper HunzaHussaini Bridge, Upper Hunza

  2. Alam Bridge, Galgit BaltistanAlam Bridge

  3. Tarzan Bridge, NaranTarzan Bridge, Naran

  4. Astore Bridge, Gilgit BaltistanAstore Bridge, Gilgit Baltistan

  5. Deosai Skardu BridgeDeosai Skardu Bridge

  6. Hanging Bridge, Indus River Gorge SkarduHanging Bridge

  7. Buber Bridge, Buber Village Gilgit BaltistanBuber Bridge

  8. A Bridge over River Kunhar, near PTDC Motel NaranA Bridge over River Kunhar, near PTDC Motel Naran

  9. Hanging Bridge, Kunhar River, Kaghan ValleyHanging Bridge, Kunhar River

  10. Bridge at Swat RiverBridge at Swat River

  11. Chilas Bridge, Gilgit BaltistanChilas Bridge, Gilgit Baltistan

  12. Danyore Suspension Bridge, Gilgit BaltistanDanyore Suspension Bridge, Gilgit Baltistan

  13. Braldu River BridgeBraldu River Bridge

  14. Wooden Bridge in SwatWooden Bridge in Swat

  15. Kunhar River Bridge, Khyber PakhtunkhwaKunhar River Bridge, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

  16. Ghizer River Bridge, Gilgit BaltistanGhizer River Bridge, Gilgit Baltistan

  17. Bridge to Ishkoman, Ghizer ValleyBridge to Ishkoman, Ghizer Valley

  18. Dangali Bridge, Dadyal, Azad KashmirDangali Bridge, Dadyal, Azad Kashmir

  19. Ambor Bridge, MuzaffarabadAmbor Bridge, Muzaffarabad

  20. Suspension bridge over the Kunhar riverSuspension bridge over the Kunhar river

  21. Sialkot Bridge, SialkotSialkot Bridge, Sialkot

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