25 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Pakistan

Among a lot of stunning creations of nature, the waterfall is regarded as one of the most spectacular creations. When emerging from mountains or dropping down from a mountainous river it seems like a pendant on the face of the earth. These will make you fall in love with them and with nature within no time. Nature has blessed Pakistan with both hands when it comes to beauty and natural resources.

Most of the Pakistan people are unaware of the fact, Pakistan is blessed with a number of waterfalls that are in the areas of Azad Kashmir, Baluchistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, and Sindh. The best about Pakistani waterfalls is that just like other international waterfalls, these are also surrounded by rugged cliffs and verdant greenery.

Pakistan has most stunning and some of the best waterfalls in the world. You never know when you may plan for a trip to popular Pakistani tourists’ places and having this list ready could prove handy. We have put together almost all Pakistani waterfalls on the list. If you are nature lover then you will surely like to explore these waterfalls of Pakistan.

1. Twin Waterfalls of Gulpur Twin Waterfalls of Gulpur (2)

2. Cham Waterfall Cham Waterfall

3. Jamgar Waterfalls Jamgar-Falls-in-Neelum-Valley-1

4. Dhani Waterfall dhani

5. Hanna-Urak Waterfall Hanna-Urak Waterfall

6. Farphu Waterfalls Farphu Waterfalls

7. Chotok Waterfall Chotok Waterfall

8. Narh Waterfall Narh Waterfall

9. Shingrai Waterfall Shingrai Waterfall

10. Sajjikot Waterfall Sajjikot Waterfall

11. Neela Sandh Waterfall Neela Sandh Waterfall

12. Pir Ghaib Waterfall Pir Ghaib Waterfall

13. Manthoka Waterfalls Manthoka Waterfalls

14. Ashraf Chhambar in Kahuta, District Rawalpindi Ashraf Chhambar in Kahuta, District Rawalpindi

15. Waterfall on way from Birir Pass to Bumburet in Kalasha Valleys, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Waterfall on way from Birir Pass to Bumburet in Kalasha Valleys, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

16. Waterfall in Gilgit-Baltistan locally known as Tata Springs Waterfall in Gilgit-Baltistan locally known as Tata Springs

17. Patika Waterfall – Muzaffarabad District Patika Waterfall - Muzaffarabad District

18. Tillni Waterfall Azad Kashmir Tillni Waterfall Azad Kashmir

19. Jarogo Waterfall Swat Valley

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20. Khadeji WaterFalls Khadeji WaterFalls

21. Khadomi Waterfall Khadomi Waterfall

22. Moola Waterfall Moola Waterfall

23. Neel Wahan Watefall Neel Wahan Watefall

24. Waterfalls of Azad Kashmir Waterfalls of Azad Kashmir

25. Narar Waterfall Kahuta Narar Waterfall Kahuta

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