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5G Coming Soon in Pakistan

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 20/07/2016)

If you are Zong and Warid customer then you have surely access to a 4G network of both cellular companies. But what is next in mobile data for connectivity? Of course, it is 5G that is going to become a reality in near future.

The next generation of cellular networks that will be 5G has a long way to travel before it is a reality but plans and rests by the leading telecommunication and IT companies are underway to set the terms of such a massive upgrade. A fifth generation or simply 5G will be the next advanced mobile network technology. The standard for 5G network has not agreed yet. The main distinction between 4G/4G LTE and 5G will surely be the speed and fastest connectivity.5g-speedometer-logo

Zong is also planning to introduce 5G in the country just after its launch with its possible partner IMT-Advanced Group, a global group of early vendors and operators that will also test 5G technology at the time of its launch in 2020.

Zong has not confirmed any such news but according to sources, Zong is making efforts to make a deal with those global partners who will be the part of 5G test technology. Zong has also requested Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to use 5G spectrum on a trial basis.

On the other side, Minister of State for Information Technology Anusha Rehman said, Pakistan will introduce 5G technology by 2020, reported by Radio Pakistan. Minister has also stated that by the end of 2018, information technology broadband services will be in the entire country.

In Pakistan, Zong was the first cellular company to launch 4G technology and now it seems it will also be the premier launcher of 5G technology in the country.

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