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Ahmed Mujtaba Undefeated MMA Champion: Pakistan’s Wolverine

His heart was hustling. His feet were rising and tumbling to the thunder of the audience. He resembled a brute in a wilderness; battling against a commendable rival for predominance and magnificence. He knew he was a couple of minutes from winning, only one more kick, one more punch and he would win a battle on one of the greatest MMA platforms in Asia.

At last, the minute everybody was sitting tight for, the moment he had worked so hard for, had arrived – the outcome. He had won – and the choice had been consistent. It was a pleased minute for him, however in his heart, he knew this triumph wouldn’t make a big deal about a distinction back home; he’d stay undervalued and on his arrival home, he’d just locate a couple of colleagues and companions giving him a saints’ appreciated home.

You know who is he? He is Ahmed Mujtaba from Quetta Baluchistan. Over country is still unknown about that reality that a wolverine from Quetta has won MMA Championship held two days before. How pity it is that another hero is going to be an unsung hero because of the discrimination or negligence of the mainstream media. But Ahmed has undoubtedly made the right decision that if he would not receive recognition in the country he will represent another country.15037290_1090403444413043_1698504234956575204_n ahmed-mujtaba-fight-record

“I have worked hard and have retained my championship in the second biggest MMA league, and the media does not seem to care,” he stated.

“The media can report anything, even unimportant issues like the chai wala, and broadcast it over and over again, but we the fighters who work so hard and showcase the name of Pakistan in a positive way, spread the message of peace, hardly get any attention by our media,” Wolverine added.facebook

“I am disappointed with the media’s behavior. We bleed for Pakistan, fight for Pakistan but get no appreciation.

“I have offers from other countries to represent them with significant financial benefits, and I will wait for one more week before I start considering other options,” Ahmad asserted.15027637_1092949717491749_1101492103168535105_n

“It has happened on eight straight occasions. There is a limit, and we deserve the proper appreciation, which we haven’t got yet.”

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