All You Need To Know About Sita White and Tyrian White


Although it is unethical to poke nose into the personal life of someone. But at the same time if you are a celebrity and public figure and are enjoying all public fame and limelight then now you are at the points of public about your personal life.


Just like other people of the society, politicians also have the right to privacy. But when it comes to performing public duties then their personal life will be discussed as well. For fans of Imran Khan, it wills surely an aggressive matter when someone will discuss Sita White and Tyrian White the alleged wife and daughter of IK respectively.

But look in this interview when the reporter asked about girlfriends of IK and how the man of 38 managed to answer all about these openly without even remembering his ex-GFs are now married. He didn’t ever think what their spouses were thinking after seeing his interview.

Now take another case of Tyrian White that is said to be the alleged daughter of Imran Khan. Since far, Imran Khan has never openly negated that he has no relationship with Tyrian White.


After the continuous opposition by Imran Khan, Sita White went into public and here is her statement:

“I am only here because I have been publically challenged by Imran Khan’s statements to the press, which appear to allege that he is not the father of my daughter and that I should go to the courts to prove he is not the father. This entire situation is deeply painful and sadly disappointing for me. Since my child’s birth four and a half years ago, my past conversations with Imran allowed me to trust his words that in time he would personally acknowledge to our daughter who her biological father is, and why he couldn’t be in personal contact with her all of these years. I have never asked for anything from Imran. Now, I ask only for the truth and the rights of my daughter, which she is entitled to enjoy.”

In 2004, Sita White died of a heart attack. But before her death, she filed a case against Imran Khan in the court of the United States asking IK to recognize her daughter Tyrian White. During her entire life, Sita White never demanded any money from IK.

Many a time, Imran Khan was asked for a paternity test, and he never replied to this fundamental question. IK may be aware of the fact that his inconsistent stance on his personal life is raising many suspicious questions.



Judgment of US Court Against Imran Khan


Story No.: 59623



Source: All APTV Except Shot 8 = GMTV


Date: 08/13/1997 04:00 AM


Los Angeles, U-S-A – August 13, 1997

APTV – Los Angeles – August 13, 1997

1. Court

2. Close up judgement, pull out to Sita White and lawyer Gloria Allred

3. SOUNDBITE: (English) Sita White

4. Stills of daughter Tyrian-Jade White

5. SOUNDBITE: (English) Gloria Allred, Sita White’s lawyer

6. Pull in to Sita White and judgement

APTV File London, 20 June 1995

7. Various Imran Khan at his wedding to Jemima Goldsmith

GMTV file

8. Video shows Dodi Fayed with ex-wife Suzanne Gregard eating wedding cake.

APTV – August 13, 1997

9. Mid shot White and Allred outside court

10. SOUNDBITE: (English) Sita White



A U-S court has ruled that cricket star Imran Khan is the father of a five year child.

The ruling came from a Los Angeles court after ex-girlfriend Sita White filed a lawsuit claiming Khan’s paternity over her daughter Tyrian-Jade.

White says Khan should apologise to the Pakistani people for misleading them during his election campaign that he had no children before he married Jemima Goldsmith.

A Los Angeles court on Wednesday said Imran Khan wasn’t playing cricket and added it was time he owned up to being the father of Tyrian-Jade White.

The former Pakistani cricket star has denied fathering the five-year-old American girl with British heiress Sita White who now lives in L-A.

But the court went with the daughter of Lord “Gordy” White – and gave Khan the official stamp of father.

The ruling came after Khan failed to respond to a paternity suit and a request to take a bloodtest.

SOUNDBITE: (English)

“Yes, I’m just very happy that this judgement was entered. This is an important day for my child and I think that Mr Khan should make an apology to the people in Pakistan for running his campaign on a lie. I think it’s time for him to take responsibility for his child and I’m just extremely happy and I’m glad I have my lawyers working for me.”

SUPER CAPTION: Sita White, mother of Tyrian-Jade

White’s high-profile attorney, Gloria Allred, was also at the court.

She condemned Khan for putting political gain before fatherhood.

SOUNDBITE: (English)

“Power money and high office should always be less important than a child’s emotional and financial wellbeing. It’s not cricket for a father to deny his child in order to gain political office. And we’re happy that this case became an issue in his campaign to become prime minister and we think that the Pakistani people sent him an important message when they refused to elect him prime minister of Pakistan while the issue of paternity remained unresolved. The judgement of the court entered today clearly establishes Imran Khan as Tyrian’s father. We hope that one day he’ll open up his heart to his little girl and give her the love respect and support that every daughter deserves to receive from her parent. And this is a copy of the judgement that the court signed, the judgement of paternity.”

SUPER CAPTION: Gloria Allred, Sita White’s lawyer

In 1995, Imran Khan had a glamorous wedding to billionaire financier Jimmy Goldsmith’s daughter Jemima in London.

Khan later made an unsuccessful attempt to enter Pakistan’s political scene – some believe his bid was bankrolled by Goldsmith.

To add a twist to the story Sita White once stepped out with Dodi Fayed who’s now linked with Britain’s Princess Diana.

However she said that was all in the past now.

SOUNDBITE: (English)

“I’d prefer not to comment on that right now.”


At least Tyrian-Jade has a father now, but it is unlikely that Imran Khan will ever recognise her.

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