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Arshad Khan Chaiwala finally gets the response from Shah Rukh Khan

Written by Hamza
(Last Updated On: 11/11/2016)

Social media is nowadays essential in digging out hidden talent. Though the founds of social media later vanish in thin air as people get back to their normal lives.

Many unheard voices captured the scene on social media and it seemed that it would have changed their life but the limelight got a drop scene very early.

Though the latest social media sensation in Pakistan, a tea maker (Chaiwala) Arshad Khan seems to to change the pattern as he seems to win it all with his beauty.

He’s not only getting offers of ads and TVC’s, he’s even lucky enough to get the response from the Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan.

One of SRK’s fan shared Arshad Khan’s video in which he is seen claiming that he looks like Shah Rukh Khan.

The King Khan of Bollywood responded to Arshad Khan chaiwala’s claim in the sweetest way possible.


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