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Coke Studio 9 Episode 3 promos out

(Last Updated On: 25/08/2016)

The first episode of Coke Studio 9, released on 13th August has been entertaining the masses as usual, and now it’s time for the release of 3rd episode.

Coke Studio 9 third episode will be featuring big names like Abida Parveen, Zeb Bangash, and Umair Jaswal.

Coke Studio focuses on a fusion of the diverse musical influences in Pakistan that mainly includes: classical, folk, qawwali, sufi, bhangra, hip-hop, rock and pop music of various genres, regions and languages to collaborate musically in the live studio recording sessions.

And that is the reason which makes it one of the most hyped musical show of South Asia.

Coke Studio 9 Episode 3 Promos

Earlier the first song ‘Aay Rah e Haq k Shaheedo’ of this Coke Studio 9 featuring multiple artists released several days back, and is winning the hearts right from the word go.

Coke Studio Episode 3 will be releasing on 26th August.

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