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EasyPaisa Mobile Installment Plan for Samsung, Qmobile and Nokia Phones

(Last Updated On: 11/01/2016)

 The demand of the 3G network is increasing day by day, the enormous increasing  need of 3G coverage is pushing telco networks to stretch them as they can, therefore, telecom companies are keen to captivate the more and more customers. There is always a competition between the economical packages and smartphone gadgets to attain the attention of the masses, this ongoing rivalry between the companies urges them to facilitate public as much as they can. So, telecom operators are eager to capture the market and take advantage of the opportunities.

Some of the initiatives taken by the companies are: Ufone’s 3G-enabled, U5 smartphone and Zong 4G LTE supported smartphone of its own. Moreover, they are planning a case in which smartphones purchase through telecom operators could be made easy by making them installment based. easypaisa-plan

Official Facebook page of Easy Paisa announces new scheme under the banner of “easy paisa laya asaan aqsaat par mobile phone”. Contemporarily, the company is offering ten models of Nokia, Qmobile and Samsung. models of Nokia are Nokia Asha 500, Nokia X, Nokia X2. cell phones which are picked from Qmobile are QMobile Noir i5, QMobile Noir A110, QMobile Noir A120, QMobile Noir A8i, QMobile E85. Two models from Samsung, Galaxy Ace 4 Lite, and Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 (Dual SIM).

Prices of the models bracket them between PKR 3,800 to PKR 14,800 in the base price. Cellphone prices increase in a case if phone is purchased with an instalment plan to boot to equip the consumer with optios, some of the models are 3G enabled while others are not.

This would help the consumers to get the desired phones by a minimum down-payment.it will be the symbiotic relationship between the customer and the company.

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