Fahad Mustafa’s ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ – ARY Digital Online Registration Pass Method

Jeeto Pakistan is a very famous game show which is on aired at 07:30 pm on 2 days Friday and Sunday weekly on ARY Digital. This show is hosted by a very famous actor and host Fahad Mustafa.


Basic theme or concept of this show is like InaamGhar. We can say that it is an upgraded of advanced form of that show as still there exist similarities between 2 shows like:

  • Sitting Arrangements
  • Crowd full of zeal and zest
  • Plenty of gifts
  • A lot of makeup on a face of the host.


Logo of Jeeto Pakistan is “Sub lay Jao”.


This show is divided into 3segments

  1. Bigal Bajao Inam Pao
  2. Sahulat Bazar Car Bachao Ghar lay Joa
  3. Minor Segments like cooking, dance, makeup, singing, stunt.

Significant sponsors of this show are Q Mobile, Voice Mobile and Munpasand Banaspati ghee and many more

Registration Process:

The initial registration process was a quite complex lot of information required and it was based on multiple steps. But now because of a lot of audience demand it is now made a bit easier. The registration form is now available online on the official website of Jeeto Pakistan. People who are interested to be the part of this show are suggested to visit the official website of ARY Digital. The online form requires following information.

  • Name
  • CNIC
  • Email
  • Contact Details
  • City
  • Remarks

Interested people can fill this form through any device having the internet even from mobiles. One can also make a call on a 9 digit number mentioned on their website for registration after which it is further inquired about guests and their basic detail. Passes are then provided to the selected candidates. How to select and who to select this authority is totally in control of the administration of ARY Digital. Those got selected can enjoy this show live with their favorite host and by performing or playing efficiently can get a lot of gifts also. Even some lucky candidates get gifts more than their expectations while some even after selection and performance unable to get something worthy.


Registration via Telephone

Via Telephone

In order to participate in “Jeeto Pakistan” simply get yourself registered through calling at 111-279-111 or through messaging your “name“, “CNIC no.” and “Contact Number” on 0337-0359-527.


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