KFC Ramadan Festival & Sehri Deals

One of the biggest fast food chain worldwide, KFC has one again proved their generosity, whether is it the winter deal or Christmas deal it will be surely a big one for the foodies out in Pakistan.

KFC having 18,000 outlets in 115 countries and territories is listed among the top restaurants worldwide as it pleasures your taste buds without losing much of your pocket’s weight. As Muslim fraternity is observing the holy month Ramadan with religious reverence, KFC has unleashed some discounted packages and deals nationwide.

Here we have compiled these deals you can avail at your nearest stores.

KFC Ramadan Festival 1


2 Zinger Burgers + 2 Reg Fries + 2 Reg Drinks

PKR 695

KFC Ramadan Festival 2


4 Pcs Chicken + 2 Zinger Burgers + 2 Value Burgers + 2 Dinner Rolls + 1.5 Liter Pepsi + 4 day fresh milk packs

It’s truly a Ramadan Festival with KFC! Enjoy sumptuous burgers, chicken and much more!

PKR 1,395

Ramadan Festival Add On


4 Pcs Chicken + 4 Zinger Burgers + 2 Dinner Rolls + 1.5 Liter Pepsi + 4 day fresh milk packs + Strawberry, Pista Zafraan and 2 Chocolate packs

Now enjoy unlimited fun with KFC’s Ramadan Festival Add On! Get 4 delicious mouthwatering zinger burgers with 4 appetizing chicken pieces, with 2 dinner rolls at the side, a large drink along with 4 day fresh milk packs + Strawberry, Pista Zafraan and 2 Chocolate packs to finish off!

PKR 1,595

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