Oye Hoye Chips by United Snacks Leading Local Brands


The potato chips launched by the United Snacks with the brand name of Oye Hoye in six flavours are leading in domestic Pakistani market in turn of monthly sale figure. The chips launched by United Snacks with the name of Oye Hoye almost two and half month before on February 25, 2016, are doing well in the Pakistani market.


By launching the six different tasty flavours, Oye Hoye has challenged the other monopolistic snacks and chips brands in the country. Lays and Kurleez that were leading in the domestic work and the shelves of general and super stores were mostly filled with these two brands are now making space for the Oye Hoye. The reason behind the progression of Oye Hoye is basically the launch of six flavours – Salt, Barbeque, Tomato, Salt & Pepper, Masala, and Cheese – that are forcing the chips lovers to go for at least one of the flavor.

The way of processing of United Snacks is also very different from the others. We are not discussing here about the quality of products. Each manufacturer has its own way of presenting the tasty flavour. However, the steps involved in the processing of these chips are different in each company.


Oye Hoye Chips Processing

Oye Hoye chips making involve six steps that are:

  1. Clean/Peeling
  2. Chipping
  3. Rinsing
  4. De-Water
  5. Frying
  6. De-Oiling
  7. Seasoning
  8. Packing


Other chips/snacks companies processing

Most of the chips and chips companies involve only six steps that are:

  1. Wash
  2. Peel
  3. Slice
  4. Cook
  5. Season
  6. Package

De-water and de-oiling are two main activities that are making the Oye Hoye different from the others. De-watering and de-oiling are two important steps that keep the chips crispy for a longer period.

Well, it starts now and time will reveal who is going to make a big impact in the domestic market. Oye Hoye will need to make an agreement with the refreshment and customer service providers to make a significant impact otherwise general stores, and super stores are not enough to get a big lead.

Fawad Khan in Oye Hoye Chips TVC 2016


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