Pakistan Cup 2016 Points Table and Position of Teams

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With total enthusiasm and zeal, Pakistan Cup 2016 is going on in the Iqbal Cricket Stadium of Faisalabad. Up to the date of writing, ten matches of Pakistan Cup 2016 have been ended successfully and here is the latest Pakistan Cup 2016 points table and the position of each team where it is standings and along with his ranking as well in the list of five teams that are participating in the first edition of the Pakistan Cup 2016.

Pakistan Cup 2016 point system is entirely based on the point system of the ICC points awarding system where each team got the two points in case of winning a match and in a case of the draw; the result will be decided by the super-over.

Before going on the points table, it is worth to mention here the rules for the points table.

Win = 2 Points, No Result = 1 point and Loss = 0 Points

In the table mentioned below the meaning of the following words or letters are:

M » Matches Played, W » Won, L » Lost, T » Tied, NR » No Result, P » Points, RR » Run Rate

Pakistan Cup 2016 Points Table

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa431006+0.3831027/193.0949/192.1

Just like Pakistan Super League, there will be also five teams representing the four provinces and federal capital of the country. The teams are from the Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Federal Capital of Pakistan (Islamabad).The 2016 Pakistan Cup is a new style of domestic cricket in Pakistan that has been launched to replace the existing Pentangualr Cup.

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