Uber drivers in Lahore are earning more than you

Written by Hamza
(Last Updated On: 22/04/2016)

Driving is a kind of a blue collar job, and in a typical mindset a driver might be earning a little more than 15K or 20K monthly that even if he works with complete devotion but as we know that its all changing in Pakistan as it is time for digitizing Pakistan. And the biggest miracle coming in with advent and exposure of technology within the Pakistanis, the driver in Lahore earn lakh’s per month.

That might be a little difficult to believe but yeah, Uber drivers in Lahore are making a six figures a month in Lahore, according to the

There might be several reasons behind Uber drivers earning a way more than any other on-demand Cab service driver, but one genuine reason that can’t be ignored is that Uber which have just entered Pakistani market last month is right now working with less number of cars as compare to the others working in the field.  It should be kept mentioned that this globally acknowledged on-demand cab service has gained the customers trust worldwide, and due to this the Uber also has high demand among Lahori customers, which directly pays off more to the drivers who get on taking the more ride-requests.

Uber is also well reputed among the  drivers as it pays off 75% of the revenue to the driver and just gets 25% for themselves.

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