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Watch Arshad Khan Chaiwala‘s debut music video!

(Last Updated On: 29/11/2016)

Arshad Khan aka Chaiwala became the internet sensation with just a single click. He even grabbed attention internationally as the girls from India, England also went crazy for this blue-eyed handsome hunk.

At first he remain quite clear that he’ll not be entering the entertainment industry by any means, but with the passage of time he seemed  enjoying the stardom. From doing modeling for online shopping site and for bikes, Chaiwala successfully remained in the scene and worked on earning applause from his fans.

Days back he also walked on ramp at Bridal Couture Week 2016, where the crowd went all crazy with seeing him wearing the prominent designer’s suit. He never seemed any less than the other models, and now finally his first music video is also out.

Arshad Khan has featured  in a music video ‘Chaiwala’ that is sung by the young entertainers, Sid (Mr.Rapper) and Danish ( Dj Danny).

Watch Arshad Khan Chaiwala‘s debut music video!


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