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Zong Doubles the Volume Bundles for Internet Only SIMs

Written by Alison Johnson
(Last Updated On: 06/02/2016)

Zong who has the record of being the Pakistan first 3G and 4G service provider has now doubled the volume for its Internet-only SIM. Now the Internet SIM holders of the Zong can enjoy the double volume on their existing packages. However, before going further, it is worth to mention here that this Double Volume Offer is on the three bundles of the Zong Internet SIMs only and will remain active till February 29th, 2015. The super fast 4G Internet SIM will provide the users with a new level of browsing experience on all the 3G and 4G internet compatible devices.

The Internet only SIMs of the Zong can be used on all 3G and 4G compatible device either it is a smartphone, dual sim handsets, iPads or tablets.

Check below the new Internet SIM Offer


Volume (GB)Price (Rs.)Double Volume*
4 GB Monthly (New)500
10 GB Monthly (New)1,000
24 Gb Monthly1,500
50 GB Monthly2,000
100 GB Monthly3,800200 GB
3 months 4GB/Month (New)1,3008GB/Month
3 months 24GB/Month4,00048GB/Month
*Monthly GNO (1GB/Day) 1-9 am (Add-on) (New)200

How to Subscribe for the Service:

The willing customers are required to dial *6666# from an Internet SIM bundle for subscription.

Double the Volume Offer is currently being offered by the Zong on its three bundles of the new internet SIM tariff till February 29th.

The subscribed customer will be given the following offers

  • 100 GB
  • 4 GB (3 Months Bundle)
  • 24 GB (3 Months Bundle)

Moreover, the bundle will be renew automatically if it occur within 90 days of the previous bundle expiry subject to having sufficient balance in the account. In case of consumption of all the data before thirty days of the expiry of the bundle the customer will be charged as per OOB rate that is Rs.0.15/MB after.

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