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Air Conditioned (AC) Rickshaw in Pakistan: Price, Specs and Pics

(Last Updated On: 08/07/2017)

A local rickshaw manufacturing in Pakistan has launched AC fitted rickshaw in Pakistan. It is kind of hybrid rickshaw that will be soon on the roads of most of the Pakistan cities. The company has showcased its AC integrated rickshaw in Lahore. It is also being said that soon it will be available in Peshawar as well. The introductory price of this AC rickshaw is Rs. 200,000.

This newly styled rickshaw offers the same transport but with the touch of today technology. It will be air conditioned but will not feature WiFi at all, as being reported by most of the news channel. Apart from these, these rickshaws consumed both petrol and CNG and offered average speed of 50km in one liter as compared to the other rickshaws.

The new AC rickshaw is the talk of the town. Pakistanis are looking for those vehicles that can consume less and offer maximum benefits. Most of the people over the social media platforms are saying that they will like to buy these for their usage once these will be available for sale. It is best for saving Rs. 200,000 against a new vehicle rather than spending too much amount on expensive cars.

Air Conditioned (AC) Rickshaw Price

The price of this air-conditioned rickshaw is Rs. 200,000.


  • Comfortable driver and passenger seats.
  • Very low maintenance cost
  • Environmental friendly
  • Easy availability of spare parts
  • Spacious and comfortable seats
  • Electric wiper
  • FM/AM Radio & MP3 Player

Air Conditioned (AC) Rickshaw Specs

 Type 3 Wheeler
 Sitting Capacity Driver + 3 Passengers
 Reverse Gear Yes
 Batteries Gel Batteries (Maintenance Free)
 Attainable Speed 45 km/h
 Mileage 130 to 150 km (in one charging)

According to most of the people, the AC rickshaw that has been displayed recently are the ZAR Electric Rickshaws. These are not AC enabled at all.


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