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Honda City vs Toyota Corolla: Guess the most sold car in Pakistan this May

(Last Updated On: 26/10/2018)

Honda vs. City; its been a long debate for the automobile enthusiast there in Pakistan. People go up with their choices while keeping in view their usage and demand.

For sure, we can’t select the one in between the Honda City vs. Toyota Corolla but if we talk about the most sold car of May, as expected, The Toyota Coralla wins by a margin.

It will be relevant to mention here that both Honda City and Civic got 3784 units sold in May this year in Pakistan. The champion, Toyota Corolla which comes in 4 variants in Pakistan got 4220 units sold in the month of May.

Toyota Corolla Variants

  • 1.3L XLI/GLi
  • 1.6 ALTIS
  • 1.8 ALTIS
  • 1.8 ALTIS Grande

Toyota (Indus) vs Honda (Atlas Motors)

They both poses some notable market share, which can never be underrated but here it will also be wrong to end without any conclusions about the prolong completion and rivilvary of Toyota and Honda. The Atlas Honda which was a joint venture of House of Habib Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan (TMC), and Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Japan (TTC), commenced back in July 1990 in Pakistan. Although Honda Atlas Motors were also not much late as they got in the market in 1995. Since then, Honda Atlas launched their next three generations within no time (1995-2001).

Overall in Pakistan’s automobile sector the Indus-shape Corolla is one of the most evergreen car as for a long period it has been the top priority of consumers.

Toyota Indus is a step ahead than the Honda Atlas Motors but as mentioned above trends are there to be changed. So let’s wait and watch!

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