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Idea Croron Ka; Pakistan’s First Business Reality Show


Neo TV in collaboration with Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CMACED) is going to launch Pakistan’s First Business Reality Show. The show that was aimed and manifested during September 2015 is going to start in 2017. In 2015, rumors where there that Director Entrepreneurship at PITB Nabeel A. Qadeer will host this show. Now it is confirmed that he will host the show and hold talks with leading business celebrities and entrepreneurs in Pakistan.


According to the statement at this moment made by Neo TV and CMACED, the show aims to enhance and promote the entrepreneurial culture in Pakistan. This will transform the job seekers into job creators. This idea is much similar to that of Shark Tank that has been popular among the business community across the globe. A lot of business founders, newbies and accelerators have gained success owing to their appearance on the show.

Idea Croron Ka will also give the entrepreneurs a TV platform to deliver their ideas to the business community, investors and business tycoons who will analyze their ideas and will assist them in transforming it into a reality. The show will also contain a segment discussing those successful entrepreneurs in Pakistan who have faced many hardships to get their goals.


Here is the official press release by Neo TV,

“For months, rumors were brewing about a show coming up that will promote entrepreneurship. The wait is formally over as Pakistan’s first ever business reality show was announced at a red carpet event in Lahore organized by NEO TV. Chairman NEO, Dr. Abdur Rehman, being a strong believer in entrepreneurship intended to promote it over television and found Nabeel A. Qadeer as the best bet to design and lead this initiative considering his knowledge and experience in the area of entrepreneurship. Nabeel is better known for his exceptional work in promoting Entrepreneurship in Pakistan through PITB’s platform. Hence, together they conceptualized Pakistan’s first Business Reality Show by the name of Idea Croro’n Ka (Million Dollar Idea). He is leading the initiative as the anchor person & content producer of the show. While talking to Nabeel Qadeer about this, he had a lot of positive views to share. He said: “Pakistani youth needs to see relatable stories of young Entrepreneurs. It is these entrepreneurs who will transform Pakistan and television is the best medium to bring them into the limelight.”

Idea Croron Ka Video

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  • Sajid butt on 26/03/2017

    I hope that you are fine , pls let me know how I particapite in your reality show I have an idea to share with investors


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