Jazz launches its own ride hailing service mLift: How to book your ride?


With even the likes of Uber and Careem holding the Pakistani market of ride-hailing services, Jazz going out the box has jumped to challenged them. All the hoopla is because of the mLift ride-haling service, which is powered by the Jazz. According to the official notification, this ride-hailing service has gone live in the twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi.


The thing which makes it more prominent is that it doesn’t require the internet or the balance to get one ride book for yourself.

At the same time, mLift tries to address all the flaws in the fields left in by the operational ride-hailing services in Pakistan.

Here it will be pertinent to mention here that Careem and Uber face strong face to face competition in order to capture the potential Pakistani market, where 20-30 Million commuters need to ride regularly.

How do mLift works?

It connects drivers with riders over IVR or voice call. It doesn’t require the internet connection or the mobile balance to avail this service.

How to book mLift in Islamabad & Rawalpindi

  • Dial 7555 to book a ride
  • Negotiate Fare
  • Take ride
  • Record feedback if any by dialing 7555 and pressing 3

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