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1st May Labour Day to be observed as Public Holiday in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 30/04/2017)

The Labour day, which is celebrated across the globe to acknowledge the achievements and struggles of the labourers, will be commemorated as the public holiday in Pakistan.

It is not much that you see the holidays coming in as the Federal Government emphasis more on the work strategy rather than going up with the holidays.

This year the Labour Day will be marked as the Public Holiday in Pakistan, that means all the government-private sector school, offices and banks will remain close over the occasion.

Different walks will be organised nationwide in order to throw light over the plight and exploitation of labours in Pakistan.

The government offices will also hold events with honouring the role of the labour in the success of the nation as it works out as the asset of the country after becoming the labour force.

The NGO’s will also be playing their part on the day as they do so 365-days a year to uphold the dignity of the labourers and make them earn livelihood respectably.

The dedicated day for the labour came in after the movement of Labour union organised movement in order to ensure 8 hours of maximum daily work. Therefore, this movement is often called the Eight Hour Movement.

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