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Siasat.pk vs. Zemtv.com: Best Political Forum in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 14/11/2017)

The trend of social media chatting has been still increasing the need for a live discussion forum. Siasat.pk and Zemtv.com are two most popular political talk show website and forums in Pakistan with millions of monthly visitors.

Both Siasat.pk and Zemtv.com have introduced a new trend in Pakistan, and that is political culture.

About Siasat.pk

Siasat.pk is a political discussion forum, and talk shows videos offering platform. It brings multiple categories and information topics to its visitors in the shape of Siasi Discussion, Siasi Video, Daily Talk Shows, International News, Money Talk, Islamic Corner, Science and Technology and much more. It features the videos viral over the internet as well.

Despite the fact, Siast.pk has got a lot of popularity for being the largest political forum, but most of the time it is painted as the Pro PTI forum and in religious aspect promoting Deoband Sect. It has been criticizing for not being neutral in many aspects.

About Zemtv.com

Zemtv.com is a Daily Talk Shows streaming and sharing platform. It largely displays the viral videos and Daily Talk Shows on its official website. Zemtv.com let its visitors to share their videos as well. It has a dedicated articles section as well, but this is not as greater as compared to Siasat.pk. Zemtv.com main sections are widely subdivided into the Live News Channels, Video Submission and Articles Section.

As compared to political discussion forum and articles, Zemtv.com largely focus on Live Pakistani Channels, Daily Talk Shows, and Viral Videos.

Which One is Better?

For Live Political/General Discussion

Siasat.pk is the best option if you want to take part in the live political discussion because of its active community arranging a discussion on multiple topics all the time.

For Live News Channels and Daily Talk Shows

If you want to enjoy Daily Talk Shows and Live News Channels, then Zemtv.com is the best option for that.

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