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Top Benefits of Gulab ka Arq Rose Water

(Last Updated On: 18/06/2017)

Rose Water, which goes by the name ‘Arq e Gulab’ in Urdu language is known for a unique fragrance and miraculous effect to the skin.

As a component of the rose, the scent is quite the same as of the flower itself, and that is why it is often recognized by its specific fragrance.

The usage of rose water is nothing new for the key to have a beauty skin as its usage is under practice from around centuries.

Rather than just applying it on face or the other parts of body, some of the people also drink this water to get the maximum benefit.

It should be pertinent to mention here that, rose water is obtained from the natural rose petal as the name hints it is the water of rose. It is obtained as the by-product during the process of production of rose oil.

Benefits of Arq-e-Gulab

  • Arq-e-Gulab has the cooling effect, it works as healing agent when applied on the affected area .
  • It maintains Ph balance of skin.
  • Rose Water moisturizes the skin.
  • It also works as natural toning agent for skin.
  • It is also used as a cleanser and it removes the particles hidden in the skin.
  • It is useful against the skin issues like acne, dermatitis and eczema.
  • It finishes the redness and other minor issues in the eyes when drops are poured in eyes.

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