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Universal Cinemas Movie Listing, Time Schedules and Ticket Booking

(Last Updated On: 21/02/2017)

Man can’t think of living without entertainment either it is its form of sport, traveling, dancing on folk music, joke, song or then watching movies. The digital world is currently one of the largest sources of entertainment for us that’s why more and more companies are investing in this sector.

Last year, Universal Cinemas announced to give an entry in the world of cinema and it has been now officially launched in Multan and Lahore. The rest of the metros will be covered soon. Universal Cinemas is going to be the biggest multiplex in Pakistan housing more number of screens in a single cinema than any other currently working in Pakistan.


Multiplex means more screens and number of movies to be displayed. Universal Cinemas aims to cover local movies, Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies in a state of the digital art environment. Currently, the two addresses of Universal Cinemas are Emporium Mall Lahore and The Grand Mall Multan.

Universal Cinemas Lahore has nine screens with seating capacity of almost two thousand. Universal Cinemas Multan has currently two screens only.

What makes Universal Cinemas different from others?

For a cinema to be different and at a competitive advantage as compared to rest, it is mandatory that it must be offering a high quality picture, best sound and obviously comfort in the shape of seats and overall refreshment environment. Universal Cinemas aims to spark in all these areas that’s why it consists of VIP seats, best quality sound like Dolby Atoms and high-quality picture to give brand new cinema experience to movie lovers.


Universal Cinemas Locations

Universal Cinemas Lahore

Nishat Emporium Mall,

Abdul Haque Rd,

Lahore, Pakistan

Universal Cinemas Multan

The Grand Mall,

Noor Blvd

Multan, Pakistan

Universal Cinemas Ticket Booking

Universal Cinema and Ticket Booking at 031-66668888 or simply SMS at the number, and you will get the prompt response.

Universal Cinemas Show Time

The information about currently playing movies and show times can be accessed from this link: http://www.universalcinemas.com/#ShowTimes

Universal Cinemas Pics

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