22 Amazing Unknown Facts About Pakistan


In recent years, Pakistan has made highlights in poverty, unemployment, dangerous country to travel, worst passport, terrorism, lack of law and rules and much more. Despite all these facts this land has still something unique that you will not found in rest of the countries. This land is the mother of history, legend and tradition. One of the most instructive materials in the history of mankind is also treasured in this land as well. Here are some interesting and unknown facts about Pakistan that you should know about your country.

  1. Pakistan is the First Islamic Country to get the status of Nuclear Power.
  2. Its Canal Based Irrigation system is the largest system in the world.
  3. World’s largest Charity Foundation ‘Edhi Foundation’ belongs to this land
  4. Pakistan has the oldest and largest mine named Khewra Salt Mine
  5. Its Tharparkar Desert Sindh is the only fertile desert in the world
  6. Tarbela Dam, the world’s largest earth filled dam and second one in term of structural volume is located in Pakistan.
  7. The Tune of Pakistan National Anthem is ranked first in the List of Countries with Best National Anthems
  8. Changa Manga Forest is the World’s Largest Man Made Forest
  9. The lead of Al Qaeda Osama Bin Land was killed in Pakistan by U.S Special Forces
  10. In Top Ten Highest Mountains Peaks, two (K-2 and Nanga Parbat) are located in Pakistan.
  11. The Karakoram Highway is regarded as the 8th Wonder of the Modern Day World
  12. It has 6th largest Armed Forces in the world.
  13. It is the 7th largest pool of engineers, doctors and scientists.
  14. Almost 60% of soccer balls/footballs are made in Pakistan.
  15. One of the rare species of dolphin ‘Blind Dolphin’ found in the waters of the Indus River.
  16. Gawadar Port is the Largest Deep Sea Port in the World.
  17. Shandur Top is the Highest Polo Ground in the World.
  18. Mohenjo Daro and Indus Valley are listed in Oldest Civilization of the World
  19. After Turkey, it is the only Muslim country to open Combat Jobs for Women
  20. World’s Youngest MS Experts Arifa Karim (9 years) and Babar Iqbal (9 years) are from Pakistan
  21. Muhammad Ilyas is the Youngest Civil Judge in the world (passed exams at the age of 20 years 9 months).
  22. First PC Virus (Boost Sector) was created in 1986 by the Farooq Alvi Brothers
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