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Careem and Uber to be Banned by Sindh Government

(Last Updated On: 27/10/2018)

The cab hailing services got quite popular in Pakistan during the last two years and became the priority of many people. Even people prefer to use these services rather than using their vehicle to move around. On the other hand, those who are driving these are earning a reasonable amount of money through these services.

The two cab hailing services in Pakistan are Uber and Careem; both have been given warning by Sindh Government to get registered and take route permits from the government.
Sindh’s transport minister informed that these services are operating at their own will and haven’t registered with us. The step has been taken days after a woman jumped out of the speeding car and said that the driver was harassing her, the driver was arrested and later on got bailed.
After the incident, the Sindh’s government has asked Uber and Careem to get the registered with the government and follow the policies of the Government as well. Both the companies have been given a week for this and if they won’t register their routes and get approval from the government within a week their services will be banned.
People are trusting these services are a lot and women are travelling alone in these cab hailing services which is giving an opportunity to the rotten eggs in these services to get the advantage of it.
Another case regarding these services got highlighted when a girl scolded by the captain and asked her to get out of his car which is pure humiliation. The driver was asking the girl to cancel the ride, but she was insisting on taking her as she was getting late upon that the driver shouted at her and said: “I am not here to answer your questions get out of my car.” The brother of that girl took the matter up with the authorities of the services and also raised the issue on social media.

Such incidents have forced the Sindh Government to put some chains to these services so that the security and honour of the users not violated.

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