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Maryam Nawaz Sharif Tweets ‘No Load Shedding’ and here are the proofs of it

The electricity has been a long-standing issue for Pakistan, which has been directly or indirectly affecting the economic and educational spread nationwide. Not to forget, the parties coming in regime in recent times have got the solution of energy crisis as major agenda in their manifestos. But, many of them failed badly in solving this real-time issue. The PML-N led government, which will be completing their 5-years tenure in a day or two vowed that they have actually eradicated the load shedding issue from the core. The PML-N led government announced Pakistan as Load shedding free country earlier this year, and yet the debate has been often going on about this claim.

Up the latest, Maryam Nawaz Sharif took to Twitter and thanked Nawaz Sharif for making Pakistan load shedding free.  As expected, there was mix response to that, some too thanked former PML-N premier and some objected the claim by saying they are still facing worst load shedding. Many of the trollers did their very best to pull down MNS’s claim about no electricity load shedding in Pakistan.

Here we will be showing some strong Tweets that actually back Maryam’s claims of no load shedding in Pakistan.








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  • naeem malik on 28/07/2018

    The aim of all the rulers in Pakistan has been to keep the nation deprived of their basic rights and basic necessities where they live life of shahenshas, and treat the country as their private property. On top of that they brag about their favours to the nations. In reality they are no more than a common thief and crimnals of worst kind as they commit crime not agaist one or two persns but millions of people.


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