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Prime Minister Imran Khan announces Cabinet Members: List of Ministers and Portfolios

The cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan won the cricket world cup 26 years back, and years after doing it he was up with the mission of serving his countrymen through politics. Khan, who is worldwide known for his leadership qualities and charismatic personality has now sworn as the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan. His road to the regime was not an overnight happening; it took 22 years of struggle for him to become the party head of the most popular political party in Pakistan and consequently the newest Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Pakistanis across the globe seem to enjoy this triumph of Khan, which gives new hope to the nation and vows to give ‘Naya Pakistan’.  It should be kept noted here that Imran Khan’s PTI made glory in this year’s election with leaving the other parties in the contest by far. The PTI Chief contested on 5 national assembly seats and lost none of them.

Up the latest, in the oath-taking ceremony, he invited his 92 world cup teammates and the friend from across the border Navjot Singh Sidhu. The oath-taking ceremony, which offers lavish dinner in the previous tenures had nothing special to offer the guest except water. The follower of Imran Khan actually appreciated his step to ensure simplicity as it can save millions of rupees of Pakistanis.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has unveiled the cabinet members name for the federal government, who would work along with him in his tenure.  The ministers and advisers of Khan’s cabinet are announced the names are as follows:



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