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QaumiBachat, NATIONAL SAVINGS BANK: Monthly Profit 2018-2019

The National Savings Bank is one of the best savings banks of Pakistan. It has some saving account options which can be chosen from. The savings can be selected to get the best profit rates. It has shown a positive increase in profit percentage over the years of 2017-2018. The profits have increased from First of February 2017 to 30 April 2018 by 3.95%, which continued to grow by an average of 1% per year and has now reached up to 7% in 2018.

Furthermore, other promotions have shown a positive increase, Profit rates on Behbood savings certificate and pensioners benefit and Shudda family welfare accounts have increased from 0.96 per cent to 11.88 per cent. The rate of saving account rose from one per cent to 7 per cent. Profit rate on defence savings certificate has increased by 0.98 to 10.03 per cent.

The rate of special savings certificate has risen from one per cent to 8.60 per cent. Profit rate on regular income certificate has increased from 0.94 per cent to 9.72 per cent. The rates on national savings scheme are announced after every two months and linked to a cut-off yield of long-term Pakistan Investment Bonds. Profit rates on savings certificate have mostly remained unchanged during the last three years, which could easily be gauged from the downward investment flows into the government securities.

Investments in government securities amounted to Rs202 billion in the last fiscal year of 2017/18 compared to Rs207 billion in 2016/17, Rs233 billion in 2015/16, and Rs337 billion in 2014/15. According to Analysts, the downbeat investment occurred due to the lower profit rates on government securities, while the additional withholding tax on non-filers also brought down deposits in the banking sector.

The government has charged additional withholding tax on financial transactions by the non-filers of income tax returns for the last three years. The tax disadvantage, however, marginally improved the number of return filers to a little over 1.5 million.


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