Verify Vote Status by SMS for Election 2018

The 2018 Elections are just knocking on the door and every of the Pakistani looks ever much optimistic about all this happening. Amid all this, the rumours of pre-poll rigging and institutions turning biased and supporting a specific political party are making rounds but still the elections are quite important for the country, stumbling due to the economical and terrorism issues as well.

The wannabe parliamentarians and the seasoned politicians are all there in the business to persuade the voters that they are actually the best option to vote out for in the upcoming elections, scheduled to be held on 25th of July.

The voters and also the first time voters, who have just got on over the age of 18 and got registration done with ECP are all set to vote for their favourite candidates and parties contesting in the election.

It should be kept noted here that only the registered voters with ECP would be allowed to vote on the Elections day. And the voters are also strictly asked to keep their original CNIC with them while visiting the elections booths.

To avoid the hassle and inconvenience,  ECP along with NADRA have initiated a system through which you can verify your vote status  by simply sending a SMS through your mobile phone.

Check Voter Status and Polling Station Details by SMS

There are two ways to know about your voter status or get verification for that, mentioned below are both of them:

a) Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in collaboration with NADRA provides SMS service for the public to facilitate the eligible voters to check their registration status. Public can get the information by entering CNIC number and sending the text message to the number 8300. An automated response will be received in this regard with the name of electoral area, block code and serial number.

b) Every registered voter can check his/her particulars by visiting their respective District Election Commissioner’s office, where the final electoral roll is available.


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