Wapda Town Multan Phase 3 New Development on Balloting

An update on Wapda Town Multan Phase 3 has been awaited for very a while. There are a number of threads that have to be unfolded before Wapda Phase III can grow up to the amount of goodwill that Phase I and Phase II achieved for Wapda Town. Development at the stage is still quite slow, and the investors have been waiting with bated breath for any changes in the circumstance. It will minimum take one year before any balloting take place.

Development Wapda Town Multan Phase 3

In our previous update on Wapda Town Stage III, development is expected in Shakh-e-Madina shortly. However, according to the many on-ground sources interviewed, there hasn’t been any development so far, and it is not likely to begin until the new management takes over after another society elections in March/April 2019 the next calendar year.

Mainly attributed to the nervousness and confusion on the part of the current administration that has hesitated to take even any favorable actions. It is believed only in the event the ideal committee members — that are willing to take action — are chosen in the next elections, can we expect some adjustments to take place.

Balloting, map, and approval of Wapda Town Multan Phase 3

Formerly there were rumors in the market that a map is at the Functions and that balloting will occur. As per reports, this is not expected before the elections take place.

Wapda Town Multan Phase lll: Market scenario and costs

All the resources agreed that the market Is Quite slow and costs have Been on a declining tendency. Really, since last news, the prices for Shakh-e-Madina have dropped by around PKR 7,000 to 20,000 each marla, meaning that the prices now fall between PKR 150,000 per marla and PKR 163,000 per marla. The rates in additional mauza’s also have declined by around PKR 20,000 to PKR 25,000.


If you have invested in the Wapda Multan 3 housing scheme and possess the holding power, you may still need to hold in the expectation that eventually It will Take only one favorable growth for the market to flip on its head And start appreciating rapidly because of how low the prices have gone Right now. In such a case, one may expect high margins for gain in The long run.


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