Zong Free Unlimited Internet Trick with just Rs. 50


For Zong Free Unlimited Internet Trick with just Rs. 50, you need to subscribe to Rs. 50 one month package afterwards follow the steps:


Mandatory: Zong Package Rs. 50 wala for one month code : *6464#. After successful package subscription (Monthly Mini 150) use one of the following methods.

Zong Free Internet Trick Method 1:

  1. Download TubeVPN
  2. Select Russia as country
  3. Go to Setting then Check/Tick on Force Use TCP Connection
  4. Click on Terms of Use and Accept
  5. Enable and start the TubeVPN

Zong Free Internet Trick Method 2:

  1. Download UC Browser App in you Mobile Phone
  2. Now Go to Settings of your phone
  3. Open Access Points
  4. Create a new Access Point
  5. Set APN: zonginternet
  6. Set Proxy:
  7. Set Port: 80
  8. Now go to UC Browser, and Use 4G Zong Free Internet with just Rs. 50. Youtube Streaming is also free.
    Note: On Chrome Only visit http websites. https websites will not work. On UC everything will work even fast YouTube Free Streaming


Zong Internet FAQs

What is out-of-bundle rate?
If a user does not purchase an add-on after volume consumption of data bundle, he/she will be charged an out-of-bundle rate of Rs.1/MB till the validity of the bundle, instead of default rate of Rs.4/MB.


What is an Add on?
These are small bundle increments that can be purchased after volume consumption of data bundle, to enjoy seamless 3G/4G experience.

Add On Price Volume Activation As per the validity of the data package
Basic Add On Rs.10 100 MB SMS ‘ba’ to 6464
We do not have any speed limit. (*except for default time package)
Add Ons & Out-of-bundle rate are applicable to all packages.
When will Notification Messages be sent?
For Daily & Hourly bundles, usage notification messages would be sent at: 80% utilization only. For Weekly & Monthly bundles Add On will be recommended at 80% & 100% utilization. Usage notification messages would be sent at: 20%, 50%, 80% & 100% utilization

How many times a bundle can be Re-subscribed?
For all bundles: As many times as user wants within validity period in case of different bundles.
Same bundle: can be activated only after deactivation.
Customer can activate same daily bundle twice in a day.

When will the Default Package be charged?
Initially, when a user has not subscribed to any bundle, default rate of Rs4/MB will be charged. Default rate will be charged again after the expiry of data bundle, Add On and OOB rate validity

Zong Free Unlimited Internet

Any bundle will be re-subscribed automatically if the sufficient balance is available?
Yes, all bundles would be re-subscribed in case of balance availability except Monthly Premium 10GB, Super Weekly and Basic Add On

Disclaimer: These methods are shared by users for learning basis only, we are not responsible for them and do no grantee whether they will work or not.


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