Ali Noor Cappella Version of “Manwa Re” : Strepsils Stereo

Just a month ago there was news circulating about Ali Noor’s health where the singer was fighting with Hepatitis A and there were dark clouds as to whether we would see him singing again. But that is all gone now as Ali Noor is back again with a powerful performance with a brand new version of his hit song Manwa Re. The lead singer of Noori has made a comeback with an acoustic version of the famous song that has caught the eyes of many. The song has been made in collaboration with Strepsils as part of the Strepsils Season Two.

The Strepsils Season Two us being headed by the singer himself and the release of A Cappella version of the Manwa Re song is part of the Strepsils Season Two. The entire song of Manwa Re has been rendered by Ali Noor through his mouth only and there has been no use of any instrument in it in order to give music sound. The singer has not used any electronic, acoustic, or musical instrument in order to make the Manwa Re remake. The A Cappella version of the song is a difficult one for the singer keeping in mind that the Manwa Re song is already a hit and any changes to it may have not gone well with the public.

However, the risk seems to have paid off as the song has managed to garner praise from everywhere. Ali Noor had hinted of this surprise earlier in the week when he took to social media to share news of his health and also thanked everyone for their prayers and love. In his post, Ali Noor mentioned that there is something interesting coming up for which he has put a lot of efforts. And the efforts can indeed be seen in the new Manwa Re song.

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