Mohsin Abbas Haider physically abused his wife

Fatima Sohail wife of Mohsin Abbas spoke against his husband that she has been a survivor of domestic violence at the hands of the actor. She just freaks out: “TO BEAR VIOLENCE/INJUSTICE IS A SIN”

She just shares her story that on 26th Nov 2018, she caught her husband while cheating her with model/actress Nazish Jhenghir. When she confronted his husband, he starts beating her badly instead of being ashamed. She also claimed that she was pregnant at the time when she was badly beaten; his husband brutally pulled her from hairs, pushed her on the floor and threw her on the wall.

She was taken to the hospital with her caretaker; yes her caretaker is the eye witness of this incident. She said that once doctors refused to diagnose her as they said this is a police case. Once she was able to get her ultrasound where she got to know that her baby is safe.

On 20th May 2019, she blessed with the baby boy with a surgery. She claimed that she was in Operation Theater while his husband was SLEEPING with his girlfriend Nazish Jhenghir in Karachi.

Mohsin Abbas visited her after 2 days, just took some photos to gain publicity only! He didn’t check his son even.

On 17th July 2019, she went to Mohsin’s home just to asked him to take the responsibility of his child and there he started beating her again badly and refused to take the responsibility of his own child.

She said that it’s all enough now, she will not bear any more violence with her. She is telling this story to make a lesson for all girls that this is the time to put a FULL STOP after every society pressure or domestic/ physical violence.



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