Ali Zafar’s Witnesses Reject Sexual Harassment Claims of Meesha Shafi

The ongoing fight between Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar on sexual harassment just continues to go on and on. As per the latest development in the case Ali Zafar’s team has submitted affidavits of seven witnesses who have rejected the claims made by Meesha Shafi on Ali Zafar. The witnesses in their affidavit termed the allegations by Meesha Shafi as baseless and said that no such incidents occurred at all. The affidavit of seven witnesses provided by Ali Zafar’s teams are those witnesses that were present in the jamming session in which Meesha Shafi has alleged that the sexual harassment incident took place.

All the seven witnesses in their statement said that they were all present at the jamming session in which both the artists were performing together. According to the statements, there was no incident of sexual harassment in the room. The judge has adjourned the hearing till May 29 and has summoned the lawyers of Meesha Shafi so that cross-questioning can be conducted with the witnesses who have submitted their statements on affidavit. Meesha Shafi’s lawyer had demanded on a week of time in order to prepare for cross-questioning from the witnesses. The court had earlier directed Ali Zafar’s lawyer submit affidavit statements of the witnesses within one week.

Meesha Shafi has filed a sexual harassment case against Zafar who in return filed a defamation case against the singer with damages of Rs. 1 billion for tarnishing his reputation. The case has been going on since last year when the harassment claims were first filed by Meesha Shafi. Recently Meesha Shafi and her team had asked that some other judge should listen to the case as she believed that the judge was being bias towards Ali. With the next hearing on May 29, let’s see how the things unfold now.



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