Danish Taimoor Body Shames Contestant on Game Show

Celebrities are the role models for many people and that is why their actions should be such that they do not hurt anyone. Danish Taimoor, leading actor and host of Ramazan game show, however, did not do any such thing when he continued to poke fun at a woman contestant. The actor is currently hosting Game Show Aise Chalega on Bol TV and in one of the segments he was seen making fun of an overweight woman, which certainly is wrong on so many levels. The actor was making fun of the contestant throughout the game of the round of musical chairs.

The comments made by Danish Taimoor were irrelevant and uncalled for. The actor during the segment said to the contestant that she might crush another girl. He also said that if someone gets in her way, they may go flying, which is a very wrong statement from the leading actor. However, this was not it and Danish Taimoor stooped to another low level when only three chairs were remaining. The actor said that no one would want to run into the contestant or else a blast will take place. This was certainly some low-level comments that were made by Danish Taimoor in the game show.

The comments were really offensive and irresponsible from Danish Taimoor keeping in mind that hundreds of people were sitting in the audience while thousands were watching the show from their TV screens. The comments were not funny and this type of humor just shows how low a person can go in order to just get ratings for their show and TV channels. Fat shaming is not allowed even if you are a celebrity and hosting a game show on a popular channel. Danish Taimoor should feel sorry for his comments as they can have a serious impact on the contestant.

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