Apple’s New iPhone Series has Got the Internet Memes Rolling

Apple may have refreshed its iPhone lineup but that has come up at the expense of the amazing sleek and beautiful design that the company is famous for. The new designs of the phones that the company has launched have not gone too well with people who have started comparing the design of new phones to almost everything and the memes are just too brilliant to be ignored. The new camera design at the back of the phone has not gone well with the users who had a field day on the internet when it came to comparing the designs of the phone with whatever they saw.

The three-camera lens at the back is the main reason why the designs are under fire. Apple’s phone is known to be sleek and beautiful and that is what makes them different from the rest. But the new upcoming phones aren’t what we expect from Apple and that is why they came under the fire from the people on the internet. Some people expressed their feeling when they compared the design of the new phones to that a coconut that has three holes in it. Some of the people even went on to compare the look of the phones to that of aliens from Chicken Little.

The memes continued to flow throughout the day as Apple was under fire for designing a phone that no one in the past has designed for the company. The design is nowhere near the designs of the phone for which Apple is famous. People even went on to compare the three-camera lens with that of the razor making things from bad to worse from the company. Some of the people even predicted the designs of the upcoming phones by placing the camera lens on the entire back body and then saying it as the future phones from the company.

While the design of the phones may not be up to the mark, it needs to be seen how the performance of the new phones is. Because it looks only the performance will be able to save the bad design of the new iPhone series.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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