Ayeza Khan to Ride Vespa in Eid Telefilm

Pakistan is a country where you may not see a lot of women riding a bike. There is a stereotype that women cannot ride a bike in Pakistan, but now that stereotype will be broken when Ayeza Khan will be seen riding a Vespa in the Eid Telefilm titled Vespa. In the telefilm, the actress will be seen riding a Vespa of her deceased father on the streets where she is then harassed by the society for doing so. The telefilm is aimed to break the stereotype that women in Pakistan cannot ride a bike or Vespa on the streets.

Talking about her role in the telefilm, the actress said that she will be playing the role of a girl named Nadia whose father passes away. After her father’s death, Nadia is driving a Vespa on the streets where she faces problems for obvious reasons. Nadia is being harassed by people who also misbehave with her as she is riding a Vespa, a not so common thing to do in Pakistan. Not only this, but Nadia also gets badnaam on social media for riding a bike as a good act can be shown in a totally negative way specifically on social media.

The actress added that if a video circulates in which a girl is seen breaking the window of car people will just share it on social media with all negative propaganda. They will not see what the reasons were that the girl had to take this step. This is how girls are being portrayed negatively in our society right now. The telefilm is directed by Kamran Akbar in which Shahzad Sheikh will be seen as the love interest of Ayeza Khan. The telefilm Vespa will release on the first day of Eid and will be aired on Hum TV.


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