Sajal Ali Wants Channels to Stop Exploiting Ahmed Shah

Pakistan’s latest sensation is none other than the 4-year-old cute boy Ahmed Shah who has been a hit since his video emerged online. The internet sensation has become a star now after his famous “Peeche tou daikho” video went viral on the internet. From celebrities to models to cricketers, everyone is a fan of Ahmed and are swooning over his cuteness. Ahmed has been in the limelight during the month of Ramadan as well as he has been appearing in famous TV shows including the popular Jeeto Pakistan where he comes with the treasure box for the contestants.

But now people are criticizing the TV channels for the frequent appearance of Ahmed in different shows. Television actress Sajal Ali has also come forward to criticize the channels for using Ahmed as a prop in their shows in order to gain ratings. The actress took to Instagram to highlight the issue where Ahmed is being only shown on TV so that people can gush over him and expressed her concerns over the violation of the child. Sajal is not the only one that has come forward to speak for Ahmed as many other people have expressed their displeasure for using Ahmed as a prop in the shows.

Famous Pakistani YouTuber Arsalan Naseer also highlighted the issue in his video titled Save the Pathan Kid. In his video, he said that the channels are using Ahmed only for their ratings and this thing should stop. He said that Ahmed should not be commercialized by the channels in order to increase their own ratings which can have detrimental effects in the future. At a time when the kid should be studying in school or playing with his friends in a park, he is making regular appearances on different TV shows.

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