Careem NOW or Foodpanda?


As we all know, Careem NOW plans to take on Foodpanda in the home food delivery business the consumers have some advice for you. Although, foodpanda was the first food delivering online social app in the business of home food delivery services. Customers get brutal when they are hungry hence they resort to their frustration venting on twitter. Careem NOW could help as some main things that need to be fixed as they launch the service.


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Human Factor Missing:

It is always a pleasure to have an online platform to order your favorite food and a fantastic ordering system. But do remember your customers still needs a human connection with you so they can have details about the thing whatever they want. Service is always about the people at the end of the day. Customers complain that it is hard to contact Foodpanda as there are so many technical problems.

Changing App Location:

Have you guys ever tried this one? It might never happen often. Changing location is one hell of a problem in the app as it is a nuisance and often the change does not go through, at last, you have to tolerate and contact rider instead. Not a good thing? Right!


Services VS Discounts?

Foodpanda has focused on handing out discounts which are a by-product of good service always. Firstly, ensure that you are delivering top services and then resort to tempting your consumers with discounts. The tweeter is talking, we aren’t, the service has been labeled as ‘pathetic’ to consumers requesting that they should ‘close shop’ in Pakistan as they have been trying to order for an hour without any success.

Recovery of Wrong Payments:

Recovery of wrongly billed amounts or refunds is a whole pain. People do ask will we be getting our money back. A twitter user Umar H. Khan writes, foodpanda is literally the worst thing that happened, I was charged on my card and didn’t receive the food and the amount was never reverted either.

App Crashes:

How do you order when the app keeps crashing? The app crashes more often or encounters unexpected errors. This problem is one of the major issues which need to be fixed.

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