First Pakistani Animated Movie “Donkey King” to Release in Spain

It happened just a month ago when the creative creators of the popular cartoon movie, Donkey King, announced that their movie has become the first-ever Pakistani film to make it to the Korean cinemas. The film became a popular one among the South Korean audience in very little time. This popularity helped them earn handsome financial benefits in very little time. The team has now announced that after this great achievement in South Korea, this animated creation is moving to the Spanish cinemas next month.

The change is here

In an interview with the Entertainment Pakistan, the film writer-director Aziz Jindani expressed his extreme excitement and enthusiasm over the international release of the film. He added that he is overjoyed over the great success of the film in South Korea and he expects the same to happen again in Spain and Catalonia once the film will be released in the cinemas of these countries on the 4th of October 2019. He further added by saying that he plans to bring more audience to the cinemas and for this, he has made sure that the film is dubbed into three native languages being Catalan, Basque, and the Spanish.

The plan of releasing this 2018 political satire also includes having more than 50 screens on the release day. The major cities of the region including Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Malaga will host the movie.

Donkey King, the nonpolitical story of the political

Donkey King was a popular movie in Pakistan back in 2018. Released soon after the elections in Pakistan it became very popular. It was released under the banner of Geo Films; the story encompasses the political fate of a donkey turned king named Mangu. Within the first few days, the film was able to bag a huge profit of 24.75 crores. It was there in the cinemas for 25 weeks and each day was a jam-packed day. The people of all ages thoroughly enjoyed the story of the donkey becoming king by chance. The movie had the voice-overs from the renowned celebrities of the country namely Jan Rambo, Hina Dilpazeer, Ghulam Mohiuddin, Ismail Tara and the legendary Javed Sheih.

The director-writer Aziz Jandani shared his plans in the early days of the current calendar. He was eager to take the film to the international cinemas to let the world know that Pakistan is the country of talent and creativity. It was this dream that took him to South Korea and now to Spain. The nation wishes the creative soul the very best in the future to come.


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