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Uber CEO Promises Imran Khan Jobs for Pakistanis

Ever since the elections, the Prime Minister has promised the nation to ensure better job prospects. He has ensured that there will be more jobs for young minds. The government in this regard is ready to go at all lengths. Besides creating jobs in the government sector they are ready to create more jobs through the private sector too. The Prime Minister and his team are striving hard for a better future for the young degree holders and the ones seeking jobs in their respective fields.

The Prime Minister is currently in the United States of America. He is going to address the General Assembly session on the 27th of this month. This seven-day visit to New York that is called as Mission Kashmir by the Prime Minister has so many other sides too. It is on this trip that he is going to meet a number of people who have excelled in their fields along with the heads of states and diplomats. Thus, the visit is expected to be a fruitful one for the long term benefits.

The most-reported meeting among these is the one with the CEO of the international company Uber. In his meeting with the CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, the PM discussed a number of matters of the bilateral interest. There was a ten minute one on one meeting with the Uber CEO. In these bilateral talks, they had a whole list of things to discuss. The Foreign Minister Shah Mahmud Qureshi quoted that once the talks were over the satisfaction on the face of the Prime Minister told the story of his success. The Foreign Minister further added his gestures were evidence that he has achieved what he wanted to.

The Foreign Minister stated that the Prime Minister is trying hard to fulfill the promises he had done earlier with the nation. This private meeting according to FM is going to be a turning point in the life of the nation that is still struggling for some good to happen. Both discussed the Kashmir issue besides enjoying a free ride in the Uber vehicles back in Pakistan. Among the key matters on the list, an important point discussed was about the jobs in which the CEO promised a good number of jobs to be opened by the organization in Pakistan.

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