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Government Announces Rehabilitation Package for Tribal Areas

The tribal areas of Pakistan have been the most affected with terrorist activities for more than a decade now. The tribal areas are those in which major terrorist activities have taken place and the areas have been deprived of some basic facilities as well. But now the PTI led government is working to improve the overall condition of the tribal areas according to Murad Saeed, Minister of Communication and Postal Services. The minister said that they have started the process of development in the tribal areas in order to ensure that the people in these regions are not deprived of basic facilities which are their right.

Murad Saeed said that the government is keen to listen to the genuine demands of the people from tribal areas. He said that the entire government of PTI along with PM Imran Khan want to solve the issues of the people of tribal areas as the people of those regions have been in trouble for a lot of years now. The government has announced a rehabilitation package for the people of tribal areas which will include the development of shops and houses as well that the people have lost or have been destroyed during the war on terror.

The rehabilitation package is worth Rs. 22 billion and will be spent on the welfare and benefits of the tribal people. The new package is certainly a good initiative that the government has been taken in order to provide the basic facilities to the people of tribal areas as they have been suffering for many years now. The package will allow these people to build their homes and shops from scratch which they have lost now. Murad Saeed said that they will continue to work in order to facilitate the people of the tribal areas.


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