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Governor House Murree Opened for Tourists

The PTI led government has been taking serious measures to cut down on spending extravagantly and do the basics. And as part of that austerity drive, the government has opened up the Governor House of Murree for the General Public. The Governor house was inaugurated by the Chief Minister Usman Buzdar where he said that these steps are being taken to end the VIP culture in the country. The CM said that they are opening the luxurious governor house for the general public where they can stay after paying out rent. The governor said that they have opened 107 government rest houses for the general public and this step is a part of it.

The Governor House will now serve the general public only where people can now pay to stay in a luxurious place. The Governor House will also be available for international conferences as well. The CM said that this will be the first time that the Governor house will be used for any unofficial purposes and now it will help in promoting tourism in the country. The Governor House is located at the Kashmir Point in Murree about 7,513 above sea-level making it one of the best resorts that people can now witness in the province of Punjab.

The revenue generated after giving the Governor House on rent will help in the maintenance of the place so that the government doesn’t have to spend from its own pocket. Constructed in 1954, the Governor House has also got six suites and a conference room where international delegates would stay. While the government plans to give it out on rent, it is not yet confirmed what the rent will be of staying for one night in the house. And with the facilities that are available, it will surely be expensive rent as well.


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