Heavy Fine on Throwing Garbage at Islamabad Roads

Cleanliness is half of the faith said by Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. In a country in which a majority of the people are Muslims and oath to follow him. It is disturbing that the condition of cleanliness is overall bad across the country. It is very difficult to believe that the capital of nuclear-armed countries also have places where the situation of cleanliness is not very good. One must take care of the fact that although it is people who misbehave usually by throwing garbage on the streets instead of throwing it in the garbage bucket.
Government is making some efforts to curb this issue at least in the Islamabad by making a law that whoever caught in throwing garbage in the streets will be liable to a sentence and fine. Although it is a good step the main question is will the government be able to implement it without any discrimination. The other most important question is that it is the responsibility of the government to pick up the garbage from dustbins on appropriate time. Which government has failed to do so on many places. Also, it is government responsibility to put dustbins on average distances to ease the residents but the government has also failed in it.

An example of this can be taken that in the famous f11 park of Islamabad there are very few dustbins placed in it. Then where do you think the visitors will through the garbage. The purpose is not to support their act of polluting the place by the people but the thing in order to make Islamabad green and clean the effort should be combined and every party should play its role effectively. Another step government must take is to initiate an awareness campaign among the masses to teach them the effects of their auctions i.e the kind of diseases spread through garbage but in the end, this new law is a good step by the government which must be praised.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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